What is the Cody Grey Latigo?

What is the Cody Grey Latigo?

San Jose, CA – This new saddle product is revolutionizing how people think of riding safety and ease of use in the western world! The Cody Grey Latigo is a single, high quality leather latigo strap that is actually SAFER and is EASIER to attach.

Born out of necessity while out on the trail, and designed with Western riders of all ages in mind – the Cody Grey Latigo eliminates those pesky rawhide strings while recognizing and respecting western tradition. No buckles and no tools required!

When asked why they developed this new latigo, Leah and Debbie said, “We were out working cows when we noticed the latigo rawhide strings were coming lose on one of our saddles. It took the two of us almost 30 minutes to replace and it still wasn’t tight enough. We thought to ourselves – there has to be a better way!”

Leah and Debbie realized they could significantly improve safety while making it easier and faster to attach a latigo anywhere, anytime, by anyone! With Leah’s deep riding expertise and Debbie’s corporate experience, they saw the need for a better product and an easier way. They began trying different designs until they found one that was not only stronger, but could easily be attached by kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

The Cody Grey Latigo design was tested daily for over four years to make surest is the highest quality! It distributes the weight over two significantly larger, double notched areas – minimizing the wear and tear while providing a stronger and safer base when riding. The latigos are precision cut on a machine (not stamped) and the edges are beveled for easy attachment and comfort. Each latigo is inspected to make sure that are of the highest quality on the market today. The Cody Grey Latigo is safe, strong, and easy.

About Leah and Debbie

Cody Grey LLC is a small California company founded on the principal of safety, quality, and love of horses. Debbie Cote (horse lover and rider) and Leah Grey (trainer) patented the Cody Grey latigo. “Since then, we have been riding in them daily in all kinds of weather and all kinds of conditions to make sure they can stand up to the wear and tear of a trainers and horse lovers alike. We rode in them across different disciplines, took them on and off multiple times, and even cleaned them repeatedly! We were thrilled with the outcome.”

They are dedicated to delivering convenient, natural, and effective products with a touch of luxury to riders and their horses. They are committed to conscientious manufacturing and we’re proud to be 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA. For more information visit our website www.codygreyproducts or “LIKE” us on Facebook for special deals.

Debbie Cote, Founder
Phone: 408-438-1915